our philosophy

To re-inspire the passion for eating food as it should be:




Food as it should be

  • We are passionate about food: great food. We will not compromise. Using the best ingredients, we make everything as appetizing and tasty as possible.
  • We believe in our food being as natural as possible. This means using fresh meat and plants that avoid unnatural chemicals, additives and processing in their growth and production.


Inspiring a healthier way of life

  • Accessibility: We want to make it really easy for our customers to have access to great food.
  • Inclusivity: We want everyone to feel welcome at Help Yourself.
  • Learning: We love to learn, and we love to share our knowledge. We strive to continually create greater awareness about food, its sources, preparation and nutrition.


Respect for and responsibility to our environment

  • The sustainability of the sources of our food
  • Our suppliers and how we do business with them
  • The ethical way we do business with our customers
  • The Help Yourself team—working together—with passion, care and consideration
  • Minimizing waste, and disposing of any waste responsibly
  • Creating community and creating awareness about our wider environment


Inspiring better business

  • Growing without compromising our business values and ethics