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We're nuts about coconuts! With few farms here in the Keys, but plenty of coconut palms, our latest video shows you just how we go From Tree To Table in true Key West style.



For Valentine's Day, we couldn't resist having a little Carrot Fun!



Enjoy a real meal made with only fresh organics. Charlie Wilson, Owner of Help Yourself Foods, on the corner of Fleming and Margaret in Key West knows how to serve up a yummy, nutritious meal that everyone will enjoy. Not only does she serve organic meals available for the masses, she also serves up yummy smoothies! Try out Help Yourself Foods, it's an experience you won't forget!



Try this at home! Charlie shows you how to make a quick and easy chocolate pudding!



Check out our Farmers Market Video. Please note that are currently running the market on Monday's from 11am - 4pm during the summer months.



In 2009 we ran a 30 Days to Help Yourself program where we helped Leigh Smith lose 20lbs by simply changing her diet. We video documented the whole 30 days, and here is one of the episodes where Charlie shows Leigh how to make a filling breakfast smoothie.

A special thanks to Vanessa at Brock Media for all her videography work!

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