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We offer Organic Raw Juice Cleanses here at Help Yourself, that you may schedule at any time! Your 6 juices and nourishing beverages will be made fresh for you each morning, ready for pick up after 8:00am. In order to guarantee your spot, we require sign-up and payment a week or more ahead of your desired start date, as certain days may not be available. Just give us a call or stop by in person for more information on how you can start a Juice Cleanse of your own!


21 Day Cleanse



Help Yourself offers periodic Raw Food Detox programs throughout the year. Be sure to call us to stop by to find out how you can participate in our next program!


To perform at their optimum best, our bodies need to be unobstructed by toxins and metabolic wastes. Modern day life full of refined sugars and flours, cocktails, fast food and pesticides all lead to toxicity in the body.


While we might love our morning Starbucks latte with a freshly baked muffin full of white flour and sugar and our subway sandwich full of preservatives washed down with a large diet coke for lunch, our digestive tract is screaming at us. Doing this and worse on a daily basis begins to wear our insides out and can lead to decreased energy, allergies, headaches, bad skin, disease, and old age amongst other things.


Because our body spends so much time and energy digesting, assimilating and eliminating the food we eat, very often other areas of our body that need attention get ignored. The goal of any fast or detox is to give your digestive system a break allowing it to rest, recharge and heal from a cellular level.


Our Detox programs make it easy for you to cleanse and detox. We prepare your entire days food from fresh organic ingredients, taking the stress out of deciding what to eat – we even deliver it if you want! The meals, juices and smoothies are raw and nutrient dense. Raw foods contain all the nutrients and enzymes needed for digestion and assimilation that are often destroyed by the cooking process. Raw food means less energy is needed for digestion allowing more energy for ‘cleaning’.


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